The Best Sports Bras


The Best Sports Bras

The Best Sports Bras

A probative and comfortable sports bra can ameliorate your overall drill experience, whether you ’re running a marathon, diving a set of thickset jumps, or taking a yoga class. Because sizing systems vary and every body is different, chancing a sports bra that fits requires some trial and error. But if you know your size and want to buy online, we ’ve talked to eight experts, compared hundreds of options, and tested 31 bras with 25 panelists (band sizes 30 to 42, mug sizes A to JJ) over nearly seven times to find some great sports bras.


Sports bra styles

Compression bras
Prevent movement by flattening the breasts and pulling them close to the body.

Encapsulation bras
Separate the breasts into cups and provide support with seaming, molding, or underwiring instead of flattening them.

Combination bras
Use some cup definition to separate the breasts and compressive fabric to pull them close to the body.

Strap designs
Sports bras generally have racerback, U-back, or convertible straps. Wider straps distribute pressure over a larger area.

For this companion, we ’ve disunited orders approximately grounded on mug sizes and styles the stylish sports bras for people with DD mugs and larger band sizes, DD mugs and lower band sizes, D/ DD mugs, C/ D mugs, and A/ B mugs. (In a separate blog post, you can read more on how to find the right bra for you.) Your choice will come down to particular preference Someone who wears a B mug may want the support and improvement of an underwire bra that we recommend for larger mugs, and someone with DD mugs may feel more comfortable in a contraction bra. Below we also outline the pros and cons of some other good sports bras to help guide your hunt, and we offer advice on how to watch for your sports bra to help it last as long as possible.


Elomi Energise

Extra support for DD+ and larger band sizes

  • This encapsulation bra with underwire offers full coverage and extra lift, as well as deeper cups and wide and comfortable straps.

Still, the Elomi Energise is an encapsulation bra that comes in 61 sizes, including mug sizes up to K (UK sizing; Elomi is grounded in the UK) and band sizes up to 46 — but the lowest band offered is a size 32, If you ’re looking for a lot of content and lift or need a deeper mug.

This bra has deeper mugs and comes up advanced on the casket and sides than the Panache ( below), making it a full- content bra that when rightly fitted should help help any spillage during a vigorous drill. Its wide strips and soft, satiny fabric are comfortable, too. “ The material was nice and permeable,” one 34JJ tester said, adding that the “ brio support was amazing for running and burpees.” The tester continued, “ I was suitable to jump around, climb over ropes, and carry a drug ball without my oversights getting in the way! Win!”

Band size range: 32 to 46
Cup size range: D to O (converted from UK sizing D to K)
Strap style: U-back with J-hook


For support and bounce control that comes in smaller band sizes, we like the Panache Sports Wired Bra. This encapsulation bra is available in 70 sizes, including cup sizes up to J (UK sizing; Panache is based in the UK) and band sizes 28 to 40. (In contrast, the smallest band offered for the Elomi Energise is a size 32.) This Panache sports bra is well lined and comfortable, and you can easily adjust the wide straps and band (and even convert the bra into a racerback with a J-hook). A 30G tester said, “This was the most comfortable to wear for the longest amount of time.” But that same tester noted that it could do a better job wicking away sweat. When properly fitted, the Panache should encapsulate the breasts, but it doesn’t offer quite as much coverage as the Elomi.


Panache Sports Wired Bra

Best for DD+ and smaller band sizes

  • This underwire encapsulation bra offers additional support and has easy-to-adjust straps.

Band size range: 28 to 40
Cup size range: B to M (converted from UK sizing B to J)
Strap style: U-back with J-hook

The SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra is not subtle—one tester called it a “contraption masquerading as a sports bra”—but it wowed those who tried it with its ability to keep breast movement at bay.

The SheFit is a combination bra (it uses both encapsulation and compression to reduce breast movement), and customizable adjustability is the name of its game: The inch-wide shoulder straps adjust at the front with Velcro, the band adjusts at the back with Velcro, and two internal hook-and-eye clasps bolster the front-zipper closure. Despite its complex construction, the bra moves with the body and feels lighter than its initial look lets on.

The lined, wireless cups are comfortable and supportive, though the external contoured support seams don’t provide quite as smooth of a line under shirts as those some of the other bras we tried.

The bra comes in 10 sizes (XSmall to 6Luxe); although SheFit’s proprietary sizing might result in more trial and error when it comes to finding the right fit, our testers all got it right on their first try.


SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

Best for D/DD

  • The SheFit is a high-support bra with a zippered front closure whose straps and band adjust with Velcro.
  • It delivers a comfortable, movement-friendly wearing experience that doesn’t feel constricting.

Band size range: 22 to 49½ (circumferences, which don’t necessarily align with traditional band sizes; be sure to consult the size chart and fit tips)
Cup size range: A to I
Strap style: convertible crossback (front-zipper closure).


For an option that’s easier to change out of than a pull-on racerback style and has slightly more coverage, we recommend the Champion Spot Comfort U-back bra.

A combination bra (it utilizes both encapsulation and compression to reduce breast movement), the Spot Comfort has seams that separate the breasts to prevent the uniboob look, and its ample side and front coverage still keeps everything secure while you’re running.

With padded, adjustable, vertical straps and a back clasp, the Spot Comfort is easy to get on and off compared with a traditional pull-on racerback.

Although you can’t adjust the straps on this bra as easily during exercise, some people might prefer the Spot Comfort’s U-back cut for quick changes.

One 34DD tester reported still being able to “adjust the straps without taking the bra all the way off.” It comes in 18 sizes (34C to 42DDD).


Champion Spot Comfort

Best for C/D

  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash
  • Fit Type: Regular
  • Longies sport’s bra is crafted using the finest combed cotton and elastane fabric mix to give extra stretch and a smooth fit with a fabric-covered soft bottom band for extra comfort
  • Non-Padded and non-wired low impact sports bra ideal for lounging around the house or when out for a walk or to gentle yoga or pilates class
  • Double layered cup panel for extra support
  • Broad shoulder and wide U-shaped back gives better support and fit
  • Care Instructions gentle machine wash cold do not bleach and should dry flat in shade also do not iron and do not dry clean prefer to wash with like colors
  • Fabric Composition: 95%Cotton 5% Elastane
  • Made in India

Band size range: 34 to 42
Cup size range: C to DDD
Strap style: U-back


Champion’s The Absolute Workout sports bra is a great option for people who prefer a pull-on racerback style and don’t want or need encapsulation-style support or padding.

This bra has stretchy fabric that still bounces back to control breast movement while you’re running and offers a firm band for extra support.

It’s a pared-down, basic bra that’s easier to get on and off than similarly styled bras, and it’s currently available in two colors and four sizes (XS through L).

It’s one of the most affordable compression bras we considered, too. One tester, who tried this bra in a size large, called it a Goldilocks fit. She said, “The band was not so tight that it was uncomfortable, nor too loose that it didn’t stay in place.”


Champion The Absolute Workout

Best for A/B

  • This medium-support compression bra for smaller cup and band sizes is comfortable
  • supportive, and it has a sturdy band that is unlikely to ride up.

Band size range: 30 to 40 (XS to L)
Cup size range: A to DD
Strap style: racerback


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