how to have sex for the first time

Being ready for sex 

 have sex for the first time can feel like a big deal for a number of reasons. If you’re between the ages of 16-20, you almost certainly desire everyone else is doing it but you.

In reality, just one in 3 people of your age bracket has had sex. If you haven’t had much sexual experience, this doesn’t mean you are immature or not a sexual person. And whether you are doing or don’t feel ready or whether you’re just not curious about sex in the least , your sexuality is exclusive to you.

It are often difficult, but try to not compare your experience or feelings to others. There are not any rules on how long you ought to wait and the way to avoid peer pressure before you’re ready for sex.

have sex for the first time

have sex for the first time

You might be nervous once you plan to roll in the hay for the primary time. But there’s no right or wrong thanks to roll in the hay.

Good sex is more about feeling comfortable around someone, trusting them, and having the ability to speak with them than it’s about having the right technique.

The most important thing is for you to feel relaxed and do what causes you to feel good. And don’t feel too disappointed if your first time doesn’t go exactly as you planned:

sex generally gets better the more times you are doing it and therefore the more you learn about it. There’s are a couple of belongings you should believe if you’re having sex for the primary time though.

have sex for the first time

Using condoms

A really important a part of having sex is planning ahead and brooding about contraception. Using contraception guards against unwanted pregnancy and condoms will reduce your risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Condoms are the sole method that protects you against STIs but talking about them within the heat of the instant are often tricky, therefore the sooner you bring the subject up, the earlier you’ll be ready to sort it out.

This’ll make it easier for you to relax and can mean you’re more likely to use them when the time comes. And you’ll have no trouble being confident about condoms.

have sex for the first time

Avoiding regret

Of course, things don’t always attend plan – and whether it’s pregnancy scares, STIs, or sleeping with someone you shouldn’t have slept with, everyone makes mistakes.

The first step in avoiding regret is to understand what you would like and what you don’t want, and planning for any risky situations.

It’s important to possess sex for the proper reasons. Read about some top tips to avoiding regret and managing other people’s views and opinions.


Consenting to sex

And last but by no means least, consent may be a key a part of having sex.

Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth time, you must both agree to take part in any form of sexual contact including sexual touching, oral, anal, and vaginal sex (with a penis or with any sort of object). Any kind of sexual contact without consent is against the law regardless of the age of the people involved.

If someone forces you to try to to something of a sexual nature that you simply don’t want to try to to , it’s never your fault and it’s not OK. Find out more about consent, age of consent, your rights, enthusiastic consent and harassment . If you’re still unsure about consent, the video below explains how, whether its tea or sex, consent is everything.

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